Zoom- Interview mit der Inderin Lipika Sharma

10th grade had an interesting interview with an Indian woman 

On the 20th November we, class 10c, had an exciting interview with Lipika Sharma an Indian woman who is a friend of our English teacher, Mrs. Hummel. A week before the interview we had written down some questions we wanted to ask Lipika and then we chose who should ask which question. In total we had 13 questions written down. For example Maya asked: „Have you ever thought about moving to another country?“. Lipika replied that she thought about moving to Germany but then Covid came up and she wanted to stay with her family. 

The class got the chance to talk with an English native speaker and it was a nice experience for all of us, we could see all the interesting good and bad sides of India and not just the ones in our text books.

Lipika was really nice and kind, she also recommended us to go to India once in our life, because we should see the beauty of the country ourselves.

She answered all of our questions very politely and when she didn´t understand us, she asked us to repeat so that she could reply correctly and in detail.

Our vocabulary was so good that we understood almost everything she told us and it was a good practice for the listening and the speaking part in our final exam.

The lesson after the interview we reflected on the conversation and the information we gained. Everyone really enjoyed this intercultural exchange and we all found it very interesting. 

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